Exchange project 'Mixology'


The project, Mixology, was attended by participants from five countries - Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal. Each country was represented by 6 people, five youth and one group leader. The project took place within the music festival F52, where participants had to prepare a daily program for the festival's visitors. The participants shared their knowledge and skills, such as dancing, singing, acrobatics, theater art and technical talents. The members spent the whole project week living in tents at the venue of the festival, but for a few days they were forced to spend their time in the bad weather conditions. In spite of the weather, participants learned how to collaborate, overcoming unexpected difficulties and taking initiative and responsibility for their work. The project gave the people an opportunity to improve their English language skills in communication with participants from other countries.


This month I took part in an amazing project which was hold in Slovenia. The project was based on the exchange of experience in organizing events and festivals. In my opinion, it was useful that we could use our English knowledge in real life, which was very valuable. The most surprising thing for me was the chance to meet people with different view on life as well as unusual way of thinking. I learnt to be more tolerant when meeting with different people.


My name is Daniel, I was one of the participants. I can clearly say that this was the best end of my summer, which I could wish for. Both the weather and the nature of Slovenia in general was continuously surprising me with its beauty. It was an inexpressible experience that I will never forget. I learned a lot of new things, strengthened and improved my knowledge of English, met and gained a lot of good friends with whom I am being in touch on social networks. It's hard for me to describe my emotions because there are so many of them and they are so bright. I am very grateful to the foster family association for this opportunity and I very much hope that I will have another opportunity to participate in similar projects.


— November 17, 2017