Information on sponsors

The mission of the Latvian Foster Family Association is to promote and support orphans and/or children left without parental care to be raised in a family environment. We would not be able to do so without the cooperation of partners and supporters. We thank all those who share our conviction that a wholesome personality with all of the necessary life skills can be formed only in a family environment, which is full of love and understanding. 

We invite you to join the circle of existing supporters and to help improve the lives of orphans and children left without parental care. 

How Can You Help? 
•By special purpose donation - for securing specific activities, projects and/or work of the association
•By general donation - without specifying the purpose of the donation 
•Donating goods or services;
•Donating new or used items;
•Inviting your cooperation partners to support the Latvian Foster Family Association. 

You are very welcome to add your own ideas to the list... 

Please transfer your donations to our account LV79PARX000233751014

We would like to remind you that enterprises are entitled to tax deductions. 
According to the "Law of Corporate Income Tax", donating money to public agencies as well as societies, charities and religious organizations that have received Public Benefit status granted according to the Law on Public Benefit Organizations, the companies are entitled to income tax deduction. For enterprises, the income tax is decreased by 85% of the amount donated, although total deduction cannot be more that 20% of the total corporate income tax due.  

To get the corporate income tax deduction, the company has to fulfill the following requirements: 
• fill in corporate income tax declaration, showing the donated amount;
• submit the declaration to SRS;
• submit to SRS a copy of the certificate issued by Ministry of Finance about granting the Public Benefit organization status to Latvian Foster Family Association;
• submit to SRS documents acknowledging the amount of the donation (bank payment order or cash register cheque that have to be preserved for period of 5 taxation years). 

We thank you for your support and help to keep up the good work!