Distance donation contract

The public benefit organization Latvian Foster Family Association, hereinafter reffered as “the Service Provider”, registration No. 40008008996, legal address: Viršu Street 17-53, Riga, LV-1035, represented by manager Ilze Golvere, on the one hand, and the Donor, who makes a donation on the website www.labiedriba.lv on the other hand, together hereinafter reffered to as “the Parties” have entered into this agreement as the following:


The distance agreement applies to all donations made on the website www.labiedriba.lv.

1. The Donor makes a donation and the Service Provider ensures the use of the donation to provide support tthe foster families, guardians and children placed in these families, for example, preparation of food parcels, organization of camps, organization of integration and educational events.

2. The Donor makes a donation by filling in the relevant donation form on the service provider's website www.labiedriba.lv.

3. The amount to be donated is optionally 5 euros; 10 euros; 15 euros, as well as the opportunity to choose the donated amount up to 1000 euros.

4. The Donor may apply to the Association with a request to return the donated money, if the donation is made due to an error or due to technical problems, the donated amount does not correspond to the amount selected by the Donor.

5. This Agreement is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The Donor acknowledges that it has read this Agreement and undertakes to comply with it.

6. When making a donation, the following personal data of the Donor are requested:

• Private person - name, surname, personal identification code, e-mail, telephone number;

• Legal entity - company name, registration number, name and surname of responsible person, personal identification code, e-mail, telephone number.

7. Donor data is used to prepare reports for the State Revenue Service.

8. The Donor has the right to request information about the personal data processing to the Service Provider related to the Donor.

9. If the Donor considers that the personal data about the Donor processed by the Service Provider is incorrect, complete or appropriate, the Donor has the right to request the renewal or correction of his personal data.

10. If the Service Provider processes the Donor's personal data on the basis of the Donor's consent, the Donor is entitled to revoke his consent at any time.