Family achievments

This section will show children’s achievements. Every family is invited to share their children’s achievements, whether these are high grades at school, or achievements in sports, art, music. Maybe it is a huge challenge that a child has successfully faced.This is the place for your families’ beautiful stories.

Please send information with at least one photograph to our e-mail:

We would like to list the Association’s most notable achievements:

  • The Association has been active for 20 years, with Ilze Golvere being the leader the entire time;
  • Association membership has grown from 20 to 175 families;
  • Throughout its 20 year history, more than 300 families have received support;
  • Effective partnership has been developed with organizations not only in Latvia, but with organizations outside of Latvia including Norway, Sweeden and Finland;
  • A total of 48 projects have been implemented;
  • LFFA youth have participated in 19 international exchange projects in Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, and Slovenia;
  • In 2011, the support center “Dzeguzens” was establised, where activities are held in support of foster families and guardians;
  • Since 2012, Latvia’s First Lady D.Seisuma has been LFFA’s patron;
  • In 2013, the LFFA Advisory Board created by Hamid Ladjevardi met for the first time;
  • Since 2013, LFFA has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce;
  • In 2014, the new LFFA website was created and the first newsletter was distributed.