Happiness is Within the Family

The project "Happiness is Within the Family" has been carried out at the support center "Dzeguzens" at 62 Pernavas street, supported by the Riga City Council department on Welfare.

The aim of the project was to improve the understanding of family values for young people who are raised by foster families or guardians. The following activities were carried out within the project: 1) youth club "Dzeguzēni" meetings on Fridays, 2) four meetings and discussions about family values with guest participation; 3) research project "Family", 4) competition "My Dream Family", and the project closure event.

During these activities, the participants were searching for answers to the questions; what does “family” mean in today’s world? How “families” functioned in the past, and how is the concept of “family” understood in different cultures? What is the attitude of youth towards their “family” and “family” values? Is “family” always the source of happiness, and why is this not so sometimes? What can young people do to create strong, stable and happy families?

The participants of the project were young people from guardian and foster families, but indirectly, all participants of the competition "My Dream Family" took part in the project.

— November 30, 2013