Explore Kadaga

During the spring break we went to explore one of the Latvian special places - Kadaga, the location of Latvian National Armed Forces.

The visit was valuable both for those young people who so far had no idea of the armed forces and those who regularly participate in some activities of the Young Guard organization. Perhaps, after the visit of Latvian National Armed Forces maybe more young people will decide to become a member of the Young Guard organization.

It was possible to sit in same of the armored cars, explore the weapons and to get more information why they were exactly as they were in the past; additionally the young people were able to try some special clothes. There was an interesting story about the largest mine collection in the Baltic and demining equipment, including robots. We felt little bit sad while listening about assistance and medical help. When hearing that the blue light is lit for those who are already dead, it did not sound like a game. That moment let us think about important values in life. Not for nothing in the territory of NAF there is access to chaplain support. Thank you, NAF personnel, for warm welcoming.

The trip was organized within the project "The family care - secure basis for development of the child". The interview about the project has been prepared within the project "The family care-safe basis for the child's development" program. The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Program financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian state.

— March 31, 2016