Linnea Kompetansesenter

On June 14, 2014, Ellen Andersen and Kari Kenalandu, representatives of “Linnea Kompetanesenter”, a Norwegian NGO, were welcomed by members of the Council of the Municipality of Vecumnieki, in cooperation with "Latvian Foster Family Society".
— August 15, 2014

The future of Latvian Community

The future of our nation and our best hope for creating a worthier future for our society rests with our children. They are the well spring of our aspiration for a better future for Latvia.
— April 8, 2014

Love and attachment that cannot be given by any orphanage

After reading the article in “Latvijas Avīze” about orphanages and the children who have grown up in them, I wanted to share my views, because at last there was an article that emphasized the idea that love cannot be provided by any orphanage
— April 8, 2014